Merry Christmas from IdaHOME and Sheila & Ray Liermann 

From our home to yours, wishing you a splendid holiday season. 

HOME is where our stories begin.


Here’s what’s obvious at our home. 

  • Almost every moment at our home is a story, including just trying to get one decent photo. Here’s an okay photo plus a few out-takes that tell the real story.
  • We aren’t in control of our animals. Never have been. 
  • Yes, our sweet mutt Rosie is afraid of the hell cat, as I’m sure you can tell. 
  • And yes, our sweet mutt is also afraid of the camera. She really does have a cute face. 
  • Chappy, the very big kitty, is afraid of nothin’. And just so you know, he is not fat. Just really long, but not very athletic. Actually pretty clumsy. And kinda moody. Doesn’t like the camera, either.  He loves Ray way more than me, but now I’m airing dirty laundry. 

Happy Holidays from Sheila, Ray, Sweet Rosie the Mutt, and Our Ornery Cat, Chappy. 

Merry Christmas from Sheila and Ray Liermann


Happy Holidays from the Liermanns

IT's a Sun Valley Christmas

Happy Holidays from our home in East Fork to you and your family

Seasons Greetings from South of Ketchum, Idaho

Sheila Liermann and Ray Liermann

Sheila Liermann sends Merry Christmas greetings

Until Next Year!