Sun Valley Condo Market Update 

Year-Over-Year Analysis comparing January-May 2019 with January-May 2018 

Here’s a look at some stand-out numbers for condominiums in various neighborhoods in the Sun Valley area. For the statistical charts showing all the nitty gritty (i.e. Sold as a Percentage of Listing Price, Sold Volume, Average Sal Price, etc.) scroll down. 

The Condo Market in Ketchum (excluding Warm Springs)

  • The inventory of condos in Ketchum is down over this time last year by 4%, with 88 listings on May 31, 2018 and 84 for the same date this year. 
  • The number of deals pending/under contract is up 24% this year and the number of sold transactions is up 27%. 
  • Surprisingly, given the data above, the median sale price of a condo in Ketchum is down 27%, moving from $550,000 last year to $399,000 the year. 

The Condo Market in Warm Springs 

  • Inventory has held steady this year, but pending/under contract condos in Warm Springs are down 17% and sold deals are down 25%. We don’t have a lot of condo inventory in Warm Springs so we don’t know if these numbers are statistically significant or an idiosyncrasy. Could it be caused by the record snowfall we received in February; I.e. people were skiing instead of looking at real estate? 
  • The median price of a condo in Warm Springs bumped a bit from $272,500 last year to $288,750, a bump of 5%. 

The Condo Market in Elkhorn 

  • Inventory of condos in Elkhorn in Sun Valley is down 14%; pending/under contract deals are down 12%; and sold deals are down 6%. 
  • The median price a condo in Elkhorn is up 21%, moving from $285,000 last year to $345,000 this year. 
  • Are the lower pending sales and sold a reflection of all the snow we had in February and all rain we had in April? I find that foul weather keeps people from visiting Sun Valley and fewer visitors generally means fewer showings. Fewer showings means less deals under contract. Plus, lower inventory levels keep some buyers on the sidelines until they have more choices. 

The Condo Market in Sun Valley

  • Inventory for Sun Valley condos is down 7% and sold deals are down 5%. Pending/under contract deals are exactly even with last year. 
  • The median price of a condo in Sun Valley declined from $480,000 last year to $445,000 or a drop of 7%. 
  • Again, does the decline in sales mean that buyers are waiting on the sideline until they find the perfect condo? 

The Condo Market in Hailey 

  • With the addition of the new Sweetwater listings in Woodside, we see that inventory of condos in Hailey is up 28%.
  • Last year by May 31st we had 9 pending/under contract condos, and this year that number is 12, an increase of 33%.
  • Sold deals for condos in Hailey is off the charts with a 350% increase. Last year-to-date we had only two sales, and this year we’ve had 9 sales.
  • Increased sales have caused the median price of a condo in Hailey to jump 9%, moving from $205,250 last year to $225,000 this May 31st. 

the good news

  • If we look at the numbers for May 1 thru June 12, 2019, we see that the number of sold deals for Wood River Valley condos are up 18% over the same period last year. Last year 27 condos sold, compared to 32 this year. Perhaps these number signify a stronger market moving forward. 
  • The median sale price also increased during this period by 4%, moving from $294,500 last year to $307,500 this year. 
  • The sold volume was almost steady with last year. This year we sold $13,432,900 worth of condos, compared to $13,592,825.

The Townhouse Market in the Sun Valley MLS

Because we have fewer townhouses than condos, I have just provided a summary of the overall townhouse market for the entire Sun Valley MLS. For a breakout by neighborhood, please scroll down for the statistical charts. 

  • Throughout the entire MLS the number of active townhouse listings is down 40%, from 102 listings last year to just 61 this year.
  • The number of deals pending/under contract last year was 36, compared to 29 this year, a slide of 19%.
  • Last year we saw 35 townhouse sales by May 31st, compared to 28 this year, a dip of 20%. Perhaps with the skinny townhouse inventory, buyers are waiting on the sidelines until we have more inventory.
  • The average price of a townhouse moved from $579,086 last year to $949,679, an increase of 63%. However, the median price fell by 34%; $480,000 last year to $313,500 this year. 

Sun Valley MLS Condo Market Update 

 Total ActiveNew ListingsNumber Under Contract
AreaLast YearThis YearPCTLast YearThis YearPCTLast YearThis YearPCT
Elkhorn in Sun Valley5648-143231-33329-12
South of Ketchum202020
North of Ketchum101010
Sun Valley3735-52217-2215150
Warm Springs in Ketchum363601216331714-17
Sub Type Totals: Condominium234221-51181190971025
 Number SoldSold VolumeAverage Sale Price
AreaLast YearThis YearPCTLast YearThis YearPCTLast YearThis YearPCT
Elkhorn in Sun Valley2927-69,950,8259,605,800-3343,132355,7703
South of Ketchum000000000
North of Ketchum101,775,00001,775,0000
Sun Valley1312-77,471,5005,074,000-32574,731422,833-26
Warm Springs in Ketchum1612-256,434,9994,079,500-36402,187339,958-15
Sub Type Totals: Condominium8388641,355,47436,956,361-10498,259419,959-15
 Median Sale PricePercent of List
AreaLast YearThis YearPCTLast YearThis YearPCT
Elkhorn in Sun Valley285,000345,0002196960
South of Ketchum000000
North of Ketchum1,775,0000-100960
Sun Valley480,000445,000-797970
Warm Springs in Ketchum272,500288,750593963
Sub Type Totals: Condominium350,000345,000-196971

Sun Valley MLS Townhouse Market Update 

 Total ActiveNew Listings
AreaLast YearThis YearPCTLast YearThis YearPCT
Elkhorn in Sun Valley134-692350
Sun Valley73-5742-50
Warm Springs in Ketchum1911-42124-66
Sub Type Totals: Townhouse10261-404840-16
 Number Under ContractNumber SoldSold Volume
AreaLast YearThis YearPCTLast YearThis YearPCTLast YearThis YearPCT
Elkhorn in Sun Valley51-8071-856,425,0001,440,000-77
Sun Valley2202350945,0009,440,000898
Warm Springs in Ketchum33032-332,360,0001,114,500-52
Sub Type Totals: Townhouse3629-193528-2020,268,00026,507,00030
 Average Sale PriceMedian Sale PricePercent of List
AreaLast YearThis YearPCTLast YearThis YearPCTLast YearThis YearPCT
Elkhorn in Sun Valley917,8571,440,000561,010,0001,440,0004293984
Sun Valley472,5003,146,667565472,5003,375,00061495961
Warm Springs in Ketchum786,667557,250-29725,000557,250-2396950
Sub Type Totals: Townhouse579,086946,67963480,000313,500-3495961

I update my blog from time to time with the latest Sun Valley real estate trends and statistics, so check back for any change in the market. Being familiar with the statistics will help you make a decision about whether it’s time to sell, buy, or invest in Sun Valley real estate. 

Stay tuned! The next blog post will reveal the latest numbers on the single-family residential home market in the Sun Valley MLS. 

Respectfully submitted by: 

Sheila Liermann | Sun Valley Real Estate Broker

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