Sun Valley Real Estate Market Update | June 2019 

Here are the statistics you need to know to buy, sell, or invest in the Sun Valley real estate market. These figures are for the residential market – single-family homes, condos and townhouses. Check back as I provide a market update every month. Now, let’s see how 2019 compares to 2018. 

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Summary Statistics for the Entire Sun Valley MLS 
 Jun-19Jun-18% Chg2019 YTD2018 YTD% Chg
Absorption Rate7.128.83-19.376.338.37-24.37
Average List Price$2,015,758$1,709,86617.89$1,541,946$1,416,0738.89
Median List Price$998,250$849,00017.58$795,000$675,00017.78
Average Sale Price$756,194$718,3505.27$725,800$697,7804.02
Median Sale Price$492,000$417,00017.99$425,000$425,0000.00
Average DOM107186-42.47162189-14.29
Median DOM59106-44.34102128


Sun Valley (excluding Elkhorn)

Summary Statistics for Sun Valley (excluding Elkhorn) 
 Jun-19Jun-18% Chg2019 YTD2018 YTD% Chg
Absorption Rate6.538.83-26.055.768.51-32.31
Average List Price$2,058,484$1,927,5266.79$1,712,420$1,757,012-2.54
Median List Price$1,695,000$1,575,0007.62$695,000$750,000-7.33
Average Sale Price$1,062,500$1,133,900-6.30$1,130,519$1,064,8336.17
Median Sale Price$636,000$930,000-31.61$500,000$542,500-7.83
Average DOM57269-78.81140201-30.35
Median DOM42230-81.7496147-34.69

Elkhorn in Sun Valley

Summary Statistics for Elkhorn in Sun Valley 
 Jun-19Jun-18% Chg2019 YTD2018 YTD% Chg
Absorption Rate4.166.84-
Average List Price$1,317,615$1,284,6742.56$1,116,237$1,053,3785.97
Median List Price$937,500$969,000-3.25$785,000$729,5007.61
Average Sale Price$884,591$556,95058.83$686,869$621,52410.51
Median Sale Price$352,000$316,25011.30$389,500$390,000-0.13
Average DOM116158-26.58141232-39.22
Median DOM4649-6.1291184-50.54

Ketchum (excluding Warm Springs)

Summary Statistics for Ketchum (excluding Warm Springs) 
 Jun-19Jun-18% Chg2019 YTD2018 YTD% Chg
Absorption Rate9.5811.49-16.628.599.51-9.67
Average List Price$2,954,154$2,566,31515.11$2,253,929$2,292,900-1.70
Median List Price$1,795,000$1,475,00021.69$1,462,500$1,125,00030.00
Average Sale Price$821,850$1,141,579-28.01$950,358$937,1781.41
Median Sale Price$850,000$795,0006.92$777,500$740,0005.07
Average DOM113298-62.08176206-14.56
Median DOM47141-66.6714310733.64

Warm Springs

Summary Statistics in Warm Springs
 Jun-19Jun-18% Chg2019 YTD2018 YTD% Chg
Absorption Rate8.148.91-8.648.219.96-17.57
Average List Price$1,144,650$1,249,106-8.36$1,079,702$1,116,177-3.27
Median List Price$947,000$895,0005.81$849,000$895,000-5.14
Average Sale Price$721,250$1,265,714-43.02$749,968$954,571-21.43
Median Sale Price$600,000$910,000-34.07$525,000$475,00010.53
Average DOM186261-28.742252173.69
Median DOM105179-41.34113148-23.65

South of Ketchum

“South of Ketchum” is the mid-valley, or that area south of Ketchum and North of Hailey.

Summary Statistics for South of Ketchum
 Jun-19Jun-18% Chg2019 YTD2018 YTD% Chg
Absorption Rate14.0819.73-28.6413.4918.12-25.55
Average List Price$4,038,131$3,280,27023.10$3,122,098$2,796,72211.63
Median List Price$2,795,000$2,395,00016.70$2,200,000$1,845,00019.24
Average Sale Price$1,158,000$814,50042.17$1,258,338$940,50033.79
Median Sale Price$837,500$852,500-1.76$847,500$849,000-0.18
Average DOM125161-22.36179242-26.03
Median DOM7988-10.23129221-41.63

City of Hailey

Summary Statistics for the City of Hailey, Idaho 
 Jun-19Jun-18% Chg2019 YTD2018 YTD% Chg
Absorption Rate4.586.44-28.883.955.82-32.13
Average List Price$1,333,396$1,212,4109.98$1,015,724$840,69620.82
Median List Price$638,000$486,00031.28$525,000$425,00023.53
Average Sale Price$592,362$460,67028.59$474,846$467,6211.55
Median Sale Price$492,000$365,00034.79$370,000$365,0001.37
Average DOM78143-45.45120143-16.08
Median DOM5882-29.2784110-23.64

City of Bellevue

Summary Statistics for the City of Bellevue, Idaho
 Jun-19Jun-18% Chg2019 YTD2018 YTD% Chg
Absorption Rate77.62-8.145.867.04-16.76
Average List Price$924,707$824,26712.19$735,436$639,15715.06
Median List Price$508,000$449,00013.14$432,500$399,4508.27
Average Sale Price$411,950$365,07712.84$445,564$352,06526.56
Median Sale Price$411,950$295,00039.64$407,500$300,00035.83
Average DOM69126-45.241651584.43
Median DOM6977-10.3986125-31.20

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