As they say, there are many ways to skin a cat. To that end, my website offers buyers, sellers and investors in the Sun Valley real estate market three ways to search for property: 

  • Search Sun Valley real estate by MAP
  • Search Sun Valley real estate by CITY/ZIP CODE
  • Search Sun Valley real estate by AREA

The Sun Valley MLS is divided up into the following Areas:

  • NORTH OF KETCHUM: This property search tab includes the neighborhoods of Glassford Heights and Hulen Meadows and other points north.
  • KETCHUM: This property search includes all of Ketchum excluding Warm Springs. All tabs include residential homes, condos and townhouses and vacant land specific to the area. 
  • WARM SPRINGS: This property search tab includes all of Warm Springs, excluding any listings in Ketchum. 
  • SUN VALLEY: This property search tab includes the core of Sun Valley, including the Fairways, and all of the condos in the core like Dollar Meadows, Villager, Atelier, Cottonwood, etc. While technically Elkhorn is located in the municipality of Sun Valley, for property search purposes it is a separate area. 
  • ELKHORN: Includes all of the subdivisions in Elkhorn, like Sage Willow, Twin Creeks, Elkhorn Meadows, and Sagecreek, etc. This tab also includes all of the Elkhorn condos and townhouses, like Elkhorn Springs, Sagehill and the Bluff and Ranch condos, etc. 
  • SOUTH OF KETCHUM: This property search tab includes all listings south of Ketchum and North of Hailey. In other words, subdivisions like Golden Eagle, Cold Springs, the Heatherlands and East Fork are included.
  • HAILEY: This property search tab for residential homes includes all of the Townsite of Hailey plus the outlying areas like Croy Canyon, Indian Creek and Northridge subdivision. Condos and townhouses in Hailey include the Copper Ranch, Sweetwater, Hailey Park Townhouses, and more. 
  • BELLEVUE:  This property search tab includes the Townsite of Bellevue, plus Broadford Road, Muldoon Canyon, etc. 
  • SOUTH OF BELLEVUE: This tab includes the area known as the Bellevue Triangle, including subdivisions like Griffin Ranch, Bellevue Farms and all of the wide-open ranches and farms.
  • STANLEY BASIN. The Stanley Basin includes all the beautiful communities under the shadow of the Sawtooth Mountains, including Sawtooth City, Stanley, Iron Creek, Fisher Creek, and Smiley Creek.


  • Residential Homes
  • Condos and Townhouses
  • Vacant Land 
  • Farms and Ranches 

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